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  • The history of the Antigel brand by Lise Charmel
    The history of the Antigel brand by Lise Charmel

    Antigel was created in 1998 by the then CEO of Lise Charmel, Jacques Daumal, with the aim of offering women young, trendy, quality lingerie at low prices.The story of Antigel begins in Alba, a small town in Italy located between Turin and Genoa. A cosmopolitan city with a historic past, Alba is an unfailing source of inspiration for the lingerie brand thanks to its charm, towers, palaces and unspoilt medieval streets.   

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  • About the brand ATHENA
    About the brand ATHENA

    Created in 1962, ATHENA is a French brand that offers real know-how and impeccable quality. ATHENA places quality at the heart of its creative process, all the brand's products are carefully designed to offer their customers comfortable and timeless pieces.

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