Eden Park
Boxer Eden Park H07 (NA005) (Pack of 2)
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Eden Park offers collections of boxers for men both trendy, refined and very comfortable. Eden Park boxers are easily recognized by their unique style and their perfect materials and finishes.
The Boxer Eden Park offers an elastic waistband. It is made of cotton, natural fiber, pleasant to the touch and having a great capacity of moisture absorption.
Boxer Saxx Ultra (Noir Imprimé)
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The Saxx brand offers you a range of ultra-comfortable sports boxers thanks to its BallPark Pouch technology providing a breathable mesh pocket with flat seams. Ideal models for sport but also for daily activities, thanks to the breathable and odor-resistant anti-friction materials, Saxx ensures you quality comfort to be comfortable until the end of the day.The boxer Ultra SAXX accompanies you daily with its feeling of softness and comfort brought by its natural fibers and its synthetic fabric that evacuates moisture. The Ultra model has a relaxed fit a little wider at the leg. It has a fly and offers maximum softness and breathability.
Pack of 3 Boxers Adidas Active Flex Cotton 3 Stripes (Black)
Adidas boxers are made of noble and comfortable materials. The use of technology allows the greatest of athletes to stay dry and to have a boxer that adapts to their morphology while having an essential style.An anti-friction and ultra-stretch material made of optimized cotton that keeps you dry all day long. The Active Flex Cotton boxers embellished with the three iconic Adidas stripes ensure total comfort thanks to their perfect fit.
Materials: Cotton Jersey 95%, Elastane 5%