Lise Charmel
Nightdress Lise Charmel Dressing Floral (Dressing Argent)
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Dressing Floral by Lise Charmel highlights the female body with a refined and delicate plant motif. It is subtly drawn on the skin creating a tattoo effect and is accompanied by touches of silk and Calais Leavers lace. The high-end and creative French lingerie brand offers the guarantee of models that are pleasant to wear, highlighting fine and sensual graphics.The charming nightie Lise Charmel Dressing Floral, offers a shape that is both sensual and refined.56% Viscose, 18% Polyamide, 14% Cotton, 12% Silk
Lise Charmel
Sexy nightdress Lise Charmel Déesse en Glam (Or Glamour)
Available (Shipping: 2 to 5 Days)
Déesse en Glam is a new collection proposed by the brand Lise Charmel, a line under a taste of luxury with its spectacular embroidery that catches the eye. It is through the association of intertwining flowers and scrolls that this collection inks its glamorous style. Details come to magnify this elegant look with embroidered pearls and tiaras.The Déesse en Glam nightdress by Lise Charmel offers a glamorous silk outfit with precious lace details.77% Silk, 10% Elastane, 8% Polyamide, 5% Polyester
Lise Charmel
Glamour nightdress Lise Charmel l'Amour en Liberté (Libre Fuschia)
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The new L'amour en liberté collection from Lise Charmel offers a range of festive colours to enhance a woman's sensuality in the spring season. Rose, lilac and tulip motifs are featured this season. This collection puts love at the heart of its creation, inviting all women to "live and love in freedom". The finesse of its lace is a perfect example of the exceptional quality and suppleness of this lace, which will sublimate your shape. 

The glamour l'Amour en Liberté nightie from Lise Charmel offers a glamorous look combined with unbeatable comfort.
Lise Charmel
Charm nightdress Lise Charmel Glamour Couture (Black)
Available (Shipping: 2 to 5 Days)
The Glamour Couture collection from Lise Charmel offers a more daring and rocking line. Its originality lies in its choice of materials, with a leather effect that oscillates between assertive sensuality and contemporary femininity. The refined embroidery highlights the expertise of the Lise Charmel brand, particularly through the graphic richness of the proposed motifs.
The Glamour Couture babydoll by Lise Charmel offers an elegant look with tulle and silk, combined with unbeatable comfort.