Sports bra Zsport Silver - Maintien Maximum Noir
Zsport’s brand new sports bra!
(also adapted after breast augmentation or reduction).

Zbra Silver is a sports bra designed to provide the best possible support up to the G cup whatever the intensity of the sport practiced. Zbra Silver replaces the Zbra Evolution model, with new advantages:

> reinforced support with wider caps, > adjustable front straps with three levels of fasteners.
> its Fresh Fabric Plus textile (exclusive to Zsport) ensures optimal skin aeration during physical exertion.
> We also appreciate its anti-irritation stitching and the fabric under the zipper to prevent it from coming into contact with the skin.

The best sports bras for sports with very high impacts and for sports women with strong breasts.
See at the bottom of the page the recommended level of support according to the size of the cups and the intensity of the activity.

↪ Support: Technical design of the Zsport brand limiting breast mobility. Support proportional to the weight/volume ratio of the chest. Respect the morphology of the breast without crushing. Uniform contension regardless of the pressure exerted.
↪ Breathability, Comfort: Thermo-regulating textile, which facilitates the elimination of perspiration. Flat seams avoid irritation.
↪ Styling: Swimmer back for total freedom of movement.  Front zipper closure on velvet ribbon.

Recommended level of maintenance
F and G cups: level 5.