T-shirt Calida Wool & Silk (Platin Melé)
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Wool and silk are the best natural thermo-regulating fibres and are extraordinarily cool and comfortable to wear. This blend naturally regulates temperature and humidity. The virgin wool (ultra-fine merino) used by CALIDA comes from South Africa; without mulesing.
The Wool & Silk t-shirt from Calida is made of super fine merino wool and silk, which makes it thermo-regulating and moisture-regulating, so it naturally prevents bad odours. This soft, light and supple t-shirt will bring you comfort and well-being every day.  
Sloggi For Men
V-neck slim fit t-shirt (Bio cotton) Sloggi GO Shirt (Black)
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The GO Shirt collection offers high-end models in GOTS certified organic cotton for maximum wearing comfort and flexibility. Breathable and natural effect on the skin, this range is a real joy on a daily basis.
Sloggi offers a t-shirt, adapting to all morphologies, with a soft neckline and slim fit. It can be worn under your clothes or as such. Sizes available: S-XXL.
95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
T-shirt V neck HOM Supreme Cotton (White)
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To be worn every day and for all occasions, HOM men's T-shirts are high quality products. They bring you coolness during the summer and warmth during the winter and offer you an inimitable style.HOM's range of Supreme Cotton t-shirts is simple and elegant. Wear them as is or under your clothes, for a sporty look, to keep warm, or to cover up the transparency of a shirt.