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A sexy HOM shorty in lace or an ARMANI boxer in silky material and in a short size form will bring you a sexy side without revealing too much. If you want to highlight your anatomy, you can go for GREGG shorties which are hyper sexy. To note that French brand of underwear for men has launched a push-up boxer that meets a real success.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items
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The boxer, a comfortable and pleasant lingerie piece can also be sexy to put your most beautiful assets in value. With materials in fine veils, with worked patterns or fishnet playing on semi transparency, these boxers will offer you a sexy look for moments of intimate seduction. These boxers playing on the material allow you to wear sexy underwear without going to the thongs or the tangas which are very particular shapes. You will find very beautiful sexy boxers in brands such as  HOM, LOOKME or GREGG.