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We chose So Colissimo from the post office.

Have your packages delivered where you want them.

For fast delivery anywhere in France but also abroad, we have chosen So colissimo from the La Poste group. Our customers can follow the path of their package via the Internet.


With its secure online payment solution, Crédit Agricole provides our customers with real peace of mind.

Securing Internet payments

The payment method offered in e-transactions is SSL secure payment. This payment protocol is standard and recognized worldwide for the protection of data transmitted over the Internet. It is available on almost all browsers (Internet Explorer V3.02 and following from Microsoft, Navigator V1.1 and following from Netscape, ...). The data provided by the Internet user on his card (number, expiry date, etc.) is encrypted before his station is sent to the e-transactions payment server.

What is a Secure payment?

A "secure" payment means that transactions carried out on the Internet are protected against unauthorized interceptions and also against unauthorized modifications and alterations of the original content of the messages.

What is Data Encryption?

Encrypting data is about making data secret. This involves transforming the letters that make up the message into a succession of digits, then doing calculations on these digits so that the recipient can decrypt them, this operation is called encryption. Encoding a message in such a way as to make it secret is called encryption. The reverse method of finding the original message is called decryption.

Que signifie SSL ?

What does SSL mean?


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