Boxer Saxx Ultra (Indigo)
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Saxx offers a range of ultra-comfortable sports boxer shorts thanks to its BallPark Pouch technology, which features a breathable mesh pocket with flat seams. Ideal for sport but also for everyday activities, thanks to the breathable and odour-resistant anti-friction materials, Saxx ensures you'll be comfortable all day long.The SAXX ultra-soft fly boxer combines comfort and style. The innovative design ensures an ergonomic fit and optimum support, providing an unrivalled soft feel.
Boxer Massana (Black)
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Massana offers a wide range of boxers for men combining comfort and quality for a perfect fit. Let yourself be tempted by these underwear and adopt the comfort specially designed by the Massana brand.
This boxer offered by the Massana brand offers you a clever mix of comfort and quality thanks to its materials that are both soft and robust. It gives you a look that is both sober and classy with its black color and its Massana logo belt.