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You swim or play water sport like water polo and you need a specifically designed bra for aquatic sport. Opt for swimwear of the brand ANITA or FREYA. These specialists in sport swimwear propose models adapted perfectly to water movements.

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We now know that it is strongly advised to do sports with a suitable sports bra, especially if you have a generous chest. It is also advisable to wear a specific swimsuit if you practice swimming intensively. There are several brands of sports swimwear including two that we have selected for their outstanding quality. The ANITA swimwear offers materials and shapes perfectly adapted to swim movements in the swimming pool or even at sea. Anita has put all the know-how of its bras and sports briefs in A collection of swimwear specially designed for sports. The FREYA swimsuits have also high quality in terms of the chosen materials and the shapes offered. If you are rather relaxing pool and beach vacation, your usual swimsuit will be perfect. Nevertheless, if you have become a true fan of the swimming pool, we recommend you to choose ANITA ACTIVE or FREYA swimwear.