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Dressing gowns in wool of the Pyrenees of your grand mother are disappearing. Fleece dressing gowns in dynamic colors and original motifs bring a youthful breath to this form of lingerie on decline. The success of cocooning clothes brings dressing gowns back to the trend. Try MASSANA dressing gowns. They are warm and trendy but also light. 

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As much as the summer dressing gowns are endangered models, so much the warm dressing gowns are still topical. Indeed, opting for warm room dresses rather than overheating the home is a deserving practice for our ecosystem. Nowadays, more modern in their shapes and graphics, more current in their subjects, the dressing gowns know how to seduce the modern woman. The MASSANA dressing gowns for example offer styles that will seduce you and amaze you by their very modern and colorful style. The indoor lingerie becomes more tonic, more joyful ... more current.